A famous fashion anthropologist once said that there are really only two camps in fashion world; costume and uniform. This was correct till Reem exploded on to the Fashion Scene in the early 21st C and turned all definitions upside down.

Iraqi born, and living in London since her teens. Reem Alasadi has approached the fashion scene with her somewhat unquenchable drive and passion for design. Her creations always have their own unique signature to them, a personality of their own that seems to enhance the wearer.

The signature on all Reem’s clothes is artisanship and handcrafted excellence.. She applies the same magic to salvaged and re-worked clothes as she does to ready to wear and couture pieces. The hallmark of an item by Reem is integrity and originality, she manages to put together the most surprising elements and somehow they always work.  Mixing metaphors is Reem’s signature style, a delicate Victorian slip sewn onto an army jacket, trimmed with antique lace and fur. Often almost impossible to tell if her clothes are antique or original
Since 2005, Reem has showed as part of Tokyo Fashion week, a collaboration with the cool department store Laforet in the heart of Harajuku.
In 2007 Reem entered the London Fashion Week arena with a show entitled ‘Beautiful Agony’ as part of ON||OFF, the important names in fashion all came to show their support, Lucinda Chambers (fashion Director Vogue), Sarah Mower, Karen Franklin etc all who have been long time fans. The show was packed to capacity, with many people unable to get in.

2009 At London Fashion week Reem broke all the rules and sign-posted a revolutionary new way of showing, working and selling a fashion collection by combining two seasons on one runway.

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